Time to change: a new life for D.A.
There is a time for changing, always. It responds to the need to grow up, to reinvent ourselves. D.A. has gotten to its turning point, aiming to focus on core topics for the scientific panel and at the same time, spreading the knowledge about model experiences, highly representing the Italian excelence in research and innovation. Key word, innovation: to this element, a new specific section will be...
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Bio Banks: a fundamental support for research

Interviewing Vincenzo Gervasoni, CEO of BioRep
Italian BioRep is a fundamental structure for the international scientific community.

It is vital for healthcare and biotechnologies to count on innovative structures able to preserve big quantities of biological material, necessary to research on genetic, tumoral, neurodegenerative diseases, for the longest time and in the best conditions possible....
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Sapio Award for the Italian Research: Study Day Health and Biotechnologies

By the editorial staff
Along the XIVth edition of the Award, in Florence an important scientific event was organized about rare and neurodegenerative diseases. The hall “Sala D’Arme” in Palazzo Vecchio, in Piazza della Signoria in Firenze was the marvellous frame of the Study Day dedicated to Health and Biotechnologies, organized along the annual edition of Sapio Award. The municipality of Florence hosted this...
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Michael J. Fox Foundation, a model for accelerating translational research

By Maurizio Facheris, Associate director of research programs Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nearly one million Americans and five million people worldwide. There is no effective therapy to modify the progression of the disease, and current therapies to treat motor and non-motor symptoms are inadequate, leaving...
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Overview of CHDI's Huntington disease's drug development programs

Di Robert Pacifici, CSO - CHDI Foundation

CHDI is the biggest funder and organizer of HD research worldwide, and in the last six years it has become the major supporter of HD research globally.

CHDI Foundation, Inc., is a US nonprofit drug discovery organisation that is exclusively dedicated to accelerating the discovering and development of therapeutics that slow the progression of Huntington’s...
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Personalized Medicine in Multiple Sclerosis

By Giancarlo Comi, Special Professor of Neurology and Director of the Specialization School Università Vita - Salute, San Raffaele Hospital
The concept one drug fits all is no more appropriate and the need for tailored therapeutics is imperative for many chronic and progressive diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
The rapid development of powerful molecular biology tools in biomedical research has...
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Innovation Dossier | ADIENNE - Pharma & Biotech

Interview to Antonio Francesco Di Naro, Adienne CEO
Founded in 2004, ADIENNE is a young Italian company who has already left an important sign in the industrial history of our Country. It is the realization of the dream of its founder, Mr. Antonio Francesco Di Naro, willing to demonstrate to the international trade that Italy is still capable of hosting vanguarde companies.
Dott. Di Naro was born in 1966...
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Innovation Dossier | The activity of the NRI Center (Italian acronym CERM)

By Lucia Banci and Antonio Rosato, CERM, University of Firenze

The Center for Nuclear Resonance Imaging is a Research, Transferring and High Training Center, a structure scientifically active in the field of life science, in particular of structural biology. The Instruments NMR of the CERM are among the most modern in the world.

The Center for Magnetic Resonance is a Research, transferring and High...
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Innovation Dossier | I.C.F.: a standard instrument to classify functioning, disability and health

By Sandro Andreano, Eubios S.r.l.
The general aim of the ICF is supplying a standard and universal language that can be a model for the description of health and the states related to it. Starting from these facts, was born a project with the aim to promote the use of ICF through a simple informatic instrument, intuitive and easy-to-use for all operators.
We are introducing...
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Rare diseases: the patient is the starting point

By Andrea Caricasole, Director of Farmacologia Molecolare, IRBM PROMIDIS
Foundations dedicated to genetic diseases have a fundamental role, as they connect patients to the research environment, creating that important bond between researcher, doctor and patient that enhances development processes of therapies, also contributing fundamentally to the costs of the research.
Rare diseases have mostly...
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AIFA commitment in the name of exchange and clearness

By Luca Pani, General Manager AIFA

Luca Pani, General Manager of the Italian Agency for Medicines, describes the path of the Institution to support clinical research and access to medicines. Opening, cooperation and responsability are the key words of the mission.
The first mission for AIFA is make the access to medicines required by patients easier and is the principle I have spread from the...
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New hopes for type 1 diabetes from stem cells

By Alessio Trevisani, Tor Vergata University (Rome) e Paolo Fiorina, Harvard Medical School, Boston e San Raffaele Hospital (Milan)
Stamina cells are getting to represent a very important instrument available for medical science for the cure of numerous illnesses and they are considered a concrete hope for the cure of type 1 diabetes.
Stamina cells represent an important instrument...
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Research and economical sustainability in ageing Italy

By Stefania Maggi, Responsible for the research in CNR - National Council for Research - and Institute for the study of Neuropathologies, Padova
A project related to multiple branches of knowledge that aims to analyze molecular mechanisms, to study genetic epidemiology and set the instruments for early diagnosis, also improving the therapies curing Alzheimer and other weakening pathologies for seniors. View >>

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